Voice Of Customer:Campark Sports Camera review

2016-11-30 09:39 admin
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This summer I bought my son a remote controlled car.  Soon, I thought “what if I could attach a camera to it?”  I already had GoPro cameras, but I wasn’t sure mounting them to a zippy kid’s toy that’s prone to crashing.  Fortunately, I had the chance to review the Campark Sports Camera, which boasts 4K video recording.

If it looks vaguely familiar, you’re right.  There are quite a few GoPro-ish action cameras out there.  Note the packaging simply says “ACTION CAMERA”.  No mention of the name Campark anywhere.  I suspect the packaging is deliberate for OEM customization.  Just a hunch.
Here are the basic specs, from the Amazon page.  I’ve left it verbatim:
Lens: 170°HD wide-angle
Zoom: 4X
Image Resolution:12M(4608*2592)/8M(3760*2120)/5M(2976*1672)
Video resolution:4K(3840*2160@25fps)/2.7K(2704*1524@30fps)/1080P(1920*1080@60fps)/1080P(1920*1080@30fps)
Video Compression Format:H.264
Video format:MOV
Photo format:JPEG
Photo mode: Single Shot/Continuous Shooting/Self-timer(5s/10s/30s/60s)
WiFi OS: Android and iOS
Microphone: built-in
HDMI output: Support
Memory: Micro SDHC Class 10 16~32 GB(NOT including)
Connections: USB2.0 & Mini HDMI (Type D)
Battery working time: Max 50 minutes @ 4K/1080P 60fps,Max 90 minutes @ 1080P 30fps
Battery Capacity: Built-in 1050mAh lithium battery
Dimensions: 59*41*24.6mm
Weight: 64g(with battery)
Waterproof Level: With waterproof case, 30 meters underwater 

The kit comes with a waterproof case.  Note the snap-release “foot” of the base.  It is very similar to the GoPro system, but the foot won’t slip into GoPro bases.  The 2-3 finger “hinge” is compatible, however.

Unlike your typical GoPro. the Campark camera comes with a wide assortment of mounting adapters for nearly every situation.


Here’s the camera, front and back, out of the waterproof case.  On the back is an LCD screen.  It is not touch-sensitive.  Navigating involves a ballet between the power/mode button up front and the top-mounted record button (red circle) to select.Top, bottom, left and right views of the camera.  If you’re familiar with the GoPro family, there are no surprises here.  
Now here’s an accessory I haven’t seen before:  It’s a two-part clip that snaps on the back.  The clip part snaps on the back, obscuring the LCD display.  Pretty clever.  Naturally, this isn’t a waterproof setup.

The Campark is 20 grams lighter and manages to have a color LCD on the back.  It comes with more mounting accessories than I’ve ever seen included with an action camera, and a second battery is included.  As of this writing, the Campark Sports Cam is listed for $69 at Amazon, which is a good value- especially if your RC car driver is just out of the 4th grade.